Are you looking for business opportunities that can be done via the internet? Are you also thinking about how to start an online business and want to earn extra income besides your main job? Or, you really want to focus on jumping the line of online business as a means to get the main source of income? Relax, you are not alone. You can visit our website for more info on Business and Finance.

Here are some basic things in starting a business either online or offline:

– Focus

At the time of starting an online business, focus to one field first, so that the concentration is not split, and try to select a business that can immediately bring in revenue.

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– Select Product

Although it smells “online”, the product selection is not necessarily a digital product such as e-books, tools, software, etc. But can also be physical, such as selling food, selling clothes, selling toys, etc. The tip is, find a product that you understand. Never sell goods that you do not master the ins and outs. Because you will need time to learn product knowledge and so forth.

– Create a Stall

Immediately create an online place to hold our wares. The resource can use a free website or marketplace sites are widely available, better if you want to use a paid domain and hosting yourself.

– Marketing

In the early stages, in addition to the focus on selling, do not forget to set aside the budget for marketing. Can use SEO optimisation, or advertising in social media like FB Ads. The point is to use the internet as a tool or a means, to disseminate information to others (promotion).

– Build Assets

Get used early on starting an online business, our mindset is building assets either tangible assets or intangible assets.