How to maintain a good healthy lifestyle is how you strive to improve the quality of life better. People say, healthy is expensive, that’s why everyone is doing their best to get a body that is always fit. Health is actually not expensive if you know how to live a quality life. It’s just that today many people are not concerned with the health that is in the body due to the density of daily activities.

Many people lose time just to take time out to eat, for the sake of choosing to finish the work until late at night, thus sleeping hours are reduced. If this lifestyle continues to be done, your body will not get enough nutrient intake. To have a healthy body there are many ways you can live, but it is not easy to change an irregular lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle.


There will be many obstacles that you must face, usually, the biggest obstacle is the sense of laziness and often underestimate the importance of health. Therefore it takes a strong intention from within you, if there is any intention then the next thing that must be possessed by the self is the will, so will create a willingness in living the healthy lifestyle you want.

To get a healthy life, of course, you need to set the type of food that will be consumed every day. For example, a variety of nutrients needed by humans are carbohydrates contained in rice and potatoes, then proteins contained in eggs, then good fats contained in side dishes such as meat and fish, and vitamins and minerals are found in many fruits, Fresh fruits and vegetables.

You also have to abandon bad habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Because smoking and drinking alcohol will cause the organs in your body to be damaged.