Innovation in technology is endless. Everything is designed to facilitate human life in running every day. From what is said to be a dream, now everything is available in sight. What are these technologies?

– Protective Field

Increasingly sophisticated technological developments can also have a significant effect on war weapons. Now has many advanced weapons of war with a special ability to finish off the enemy in just a short time. To overcome this, also need a name defence tool. And the defence tool that is currently entered in the trial period is a protective field or known as force fields.

In order to survive the sophistication of enemy weapons, the military forces also want a sophisticated defence system that can dispel enemy weapons. After a long time dreaming about a protective field like the one in the film, British scientists have created a protective field made of electromagnetic waves. By these scientists, the protector field can protect troops from all sorts of attacks.


– Hologram

One of the future technologies that many people aspire to is a hologram. If you’ve ever watched the movie of one of Marvel’s most famous superheroes, Iron Man, then you find lots of holographic technology. Many people just believe that holographic technology can only be seen in movies, but the reality is that today’s holographic technology is no longer just a dream.

A company called Asukanet has demonstrated an interactive hologram at the CEATEC event in 2013. Asukanet created a tool that can display holograms called Aerial Imaging Plates. On the show, Asukanet features an interactive hologram where visitors can interact with the hologram as it interacts with real objects.

– Floating Laboratory

French architect Jacques Rougerie is designing an integrated ship lab that can float on water for scientists to better explore the underwater world. This laboratory will consist of twelve floors, of which six floors will be under sea level.