What entertainment is appropriate for your child? This simple question that is difficult to answer from some parents in giving the game to your child should not be arbitrary. Choose a game that supports the child’s growth and makes your child happy and active. If the first traditional game is still relevant to play because times are still not like now, as the development of traditional game technology is now also increasingly drowned and rarely played again, then what other games are relevant for children today? Let’s talk together. Games and entertainment that children can you for two, namely entertainment indoors and outdoors, of course, there are advantages and disadvantages of each, we will describe two things in detail:


– Outdoor entertainment

Entertainment for children outside the room can be diverse, you can take your child to the rides game or just vacation with family. One of them is the entertainment that lets the playground play like a swing, shaping the sand or a swivel comedy. This kind of game can help your child to creativity by making your child jump for the way to play the entertainment, this outdoor game can also channel the active nature of your child in creating by making your child free to move all the limbs.

– Indoor entertainment

The game in the room is a little different than outdoor games, indoors you have to think about is how to keep your child creative with limited space. Well, in this case, you can provide a game in the form of a picture book or arrange a picture puzzle. Give your child a picture book that makes your child interested in colouring it or composing it, if your child is a boy, give your child a picture book superhero or other interesting characters. Likewise, if your child is female, give your child a picture book of Disney princess characters or dolls that are cute and adorable. That way the baby will remain creative even in a room that has limited space.